Friday, February 11, 2011


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Dj Capital J - Toronto Jungle Intro
Pleasure and Origin - Fallen
Friction - 3rd Degree Gurns (Still Gurning VIP)
Bones Jones - Sweet Dreams
Corpz - Frankenstein
Serum and Northern Lights - Bad Boys
Modified Motion and Faction - System
Vague - 241
Contract Killers - Black Time
Twisted Facts - Mental Atmosphere
Majistrate and dj Nicol - Pussy Killa
Taxman - Scan Darker
Sensai - Spawn
Nu Elementz and Macky Gee - The A Team
Alpine Dub - The Cure And The Cause (Contract Killers Rmx)
Ego Trippin & Breakneck - Man monster
Heavy Hittahz - Sending A Message
Cabbie - Aint heard this before feat. Ludegoo
James Bass - Death Note
Spekky - Destroy and Rebuild
Dess - Dont Believe
Digiworx - The Switch
Heavy Hittahz - Breathe Out
Jayline - You are never alone
Shredder - Alive
Prestige - Billy Boy
Cabbie and Origin - Like my Skillz
JRG - Something for the weekend
Tron - Lets get it together
Sensai and Heist - Mean Universe
Dirty Harry - Meat Bubbles
Tantrum Desire - Mr Brookes
Prisoners of Technology - Trick of Technology(Sub Zero remix)
Dj Sly - Try some fing else
Mega - Without Killing
Skorpio - Creature
Digiworx - Dirty Work
Bonkrooger - Slaughtering
Heavy Hittahz - Booze Man
Prestige & Nik Itch - the Maniac
Digiworx - The Summit
Hoogs - Collateral
Nu Elementz and Macky Gee - You make me sick
Benny v - Oldskool Box (Modified Motion Remix)
Dj Capital J - Party People
Jayline - Steppin
Bassface Sascha - End of line
Chowder - Body bags
Bonkrooger - Murder
Gangsta Fun - Detroit
Shredder - The rising
Callide - Do that dance
Shufunk - Scumbag (Heavy HIttahz RMX)
Corpz - Pistol Dem
Drastik Measures and Revolution - Bad Trip
Dj Capital J - Fisticuffs
Dj Capital J - Dirty Bomb
Dj Capital J - Russian Roulette (Mafia RMX)
Ozma - Shut up
Steppa and Kitcha - Belly
Prestige & Nik Itch - BUSINESSman
Dj Sly and Dj Pacso - Frozen Planet
Dj Capital J - Diss Da Program (VAST 2010 REMIX)
Dj Capital J - Call Up The Homies (OG Mix)
Majistrate - Plank Bass
Dub Peddla - Nothing on you
Tommo - Try me
Prestige & Nik Itch - Diffusion
Yatz - High Grade
Bonkrooger - Boo
Hoogs - Acts of Terror (Breakneck's big Bush remix)
Dj Capital J - Tribe Represent
Sensa feat. Sacrifice - The Jam
Dj Capital J - Diss Da Program (SERJAH 9 2010 REMIX)
Dj Capital J - Dutch Oven (Tandori Remix)
Ego Trippin - Man with no name
Tyke and Recipe - Flashback
Macky Gee - Fumigate
Alpine Dub - Hypoxia
Bonkrooger - Nylon Shoutz VIP
Nu Elementz - Pandorum
Freek - Kung Fu Is Banned

LDNB Presents: [Lookin' Back] and [Resistance]

Stunna and Edward Oberon - Lookin' Back [2:58 on soundcloud]
Stunna and Pipeline - Resistance [2:33 on soundcloud]
Release Date - February 7th, 2011
Release/Catalogue Number: LDNB-DG001 
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Liquid Drum n Bass(LDNB Music) brings you two new beautiful releases. My personal favourite being 'Resistance', capturing the soul with its soothing bass melodies. As you may, or may not already know, Bassline-therapy is in collaboration with Cyber Groove Productions and will be bringing you North American Tour Dates, Bio's, Photos, Songs, Mixes etc. from the artists on their roster. Keep checking back to make sure you don't miss  out on any juicy information!



Time: 25 min and 40 sec

Bit rate: 320 kbps 

Rating: GRIMEY

Friday, February 4, 2011


Toniiiiiiiiight! Come one, come all. [Zeds Dead ft. Omar Linx - Rudeboy] Videoshoot going down tonight at Suba Nightclub in downtown Toronto! Arrive early to avoid lines, bring your bassface and don't forget to wear dark colours. 10$ if you're just planning to come to the after party starting at 10! For those of you who didn't attend the live performance a few months back at Wrongbar, here's just a TINY taste of the beautiful chaos you will be witnessing later this evening ;)