Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview with Borgore

I already posted up the audio file of the interview with a video of his performance at The Phoenix in Toronto, Canada, but I have now completed the written up format. It is available for download via this link or by clicking the 'interview' tab and clicking the link underneath Borgore. Skism randomly popped in the room near the end, so there was a funny and unexpected ending to the interview ;) 

Friday, June 24, 2011 - Official Launch Today!

It's up and running as of today - the 24th of June 2011 - and we can't be more excited! All the hype over the website launch over the past couple weeks has kept the members of DUBSTEP TORONTO on facebook curiously waiting to see the unexpected. Diego Barra Ilabaca and Brent Michael Azer are the founders of the website and I am one of their new additions to the dubstep toronto family as I continue to contribute my interviews with the artists and write for the site as well. Dubstep Toronto is a community, a shared love for music and nonetheless a family. This site's main function and goal is to keep you updated on the dubstep scene in Toronto by interviewing the dj's, producers, photographers etc. within the industry, posting all upcoming events and keeping you updated with what we call "Filth of the Week". The Fotw is submitted by members of the Dubstep Toronto crew on Facebook - or anyone who wishes to participate really - and then Brent will choose the top 5 songs submitted and upload them each week for everyone to see including the winner. Dubstep Toronto already has their own t-shirts and tanks that read 'dubstep' just like the image posted above, so if you or anyone you know is interested in representing Toronto's dubstep scene, then message one of our team members and we'll gladly work something out ($20 per shirt). Now, go browse around the site and don't forget to 'like' us on Facebook as well. All feedback is greatly appreciated and you can either comment on the site itself or send a message to one of the e-mails linked below!

Lori (me):

CAPITAL J: Riot Beats [VIP bassmix 18]

I always make sure to keep updated on Cap's VIP bass mixes. His 18th VIP mix is titled 'Riot Beats' and includes a plethora of drum n' bass and drumstep bangerz. Jump-up always seems to speak directly to my soul <3. I've provided a link to his mixcloud to listen to the mix without downloading and I have also provided a direct download link for the mix for those of you who do wish to download this bass-heavy mix. Track list has also been included on his mixcloud.

Artist: Capital J
Title: Riot Beats [vip bassmix 18]
Play time: 1h 54m 18s
Bitrate: 244kbps
File size: 183.3 MB
File type: MP3

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Plastician touched down in Toronto a couple weeks back and smashed the dance floor with an unlimited supply of dirty dubstep at Wrongbars Bassmentality night. I caught up with him after his set and had a chance to meet with the artist and pick at his brain for an interview covering his career and what we can expect from him in the future. He was more than friendly and represents your every-day down to earth kind of guy, so if you ever get a chance to see him in your hometown make sure you don't let that opportunity pass you by - you won't be disappointed. Click here to be redirected to the interview page and from there you can download the full PDF version of my interview with Plastician!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Need I even say anything? Always fire from these two, so just do the logical thing and download the damn thing! If you're in Ontario, HEADS UP! These two along with Funsta Mc and Harry Shotta will be destroying Toronto on July 1st and I will be interviewing all four of them! Definitely keep your eye out for this one people and a post regarding all the details for the event 'Bar Code' brought to you by Blk Crown will be posted soon!

Crucify Me - ShockOne ft. Phetsta

'CRUCIFY ME' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta 

Release Date: 27th June 2011
Label: Viper Recordings
12" Vinyl and Download - CAT# VPR036

1. Crucify Me 'Part 1' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta
2. Crucify Me 'Part 2' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta
3. Crucify Me 'Part 1 Radio edit' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta
4. Crucify Me 'Part 1 Dj edit' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta

If you haven't already been informed, ShockOne will be releasing his new debut album on Viper Recordings this upcoming autumn of 2011. As a little teaser and taste of what is to be expected from this album, ShockOne has a new up-coming single from the album titled 'Crucify Me' ft. Phetsta. On this release, there is both a dubstep and drum n bass version, so again, it surely tickles and teases the highs and lows that you all need and want from a good tune. The single is set to be released on the 27th of June 2011, but as of last night you can buy it a whole week prior to its release date exclusively from Viper Records! If your forte is drum n bass, then Crucify Me Part 1 will definitely pull you into an undisturbed trance full of body-swinging synths and head-banging drums. Crucify Me part 2 - the dubstep version - will have you bouncing with energy for the duration of its playful intro and then heavily slamming your feet into the cement with rage instantly after the drop pummels you with bass. Below is the official trailer for the 'Crucify Me' single for those of you who are waiting oh-so-patiently (unless you choose to purchase it before everyone else from Viper Recordings..cough*do it*cough).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


All information you need is included on the flyer above !

Dr. Ozi

If you wish to be overly satisfied with a proper dosage of bass, then you must listen and take these massive uppers. The doctors and I have prescribed them, so you owe it to yourself to give 'em a listen for  a well-deserved boost. Recently, Dr. Ozi have been dropping some heavy bass-weight compositions onto their soundcloud and I was instantly captured when I listened to the first song I clicked titled "An Apple a Day'. These guys productions need to be heard. I definitely see a lot of potential in them going somewhere - and not just locally - very fast. They're mainly known for producing dubstep and drumstep, but more recently have ventured into the world drum n bass, and I must admit that it had captured my heart the moment I heard it. In the near future, I will be posting a brief biography of these two, but for now you can enjoy some free tunes from the doctors themselves and don't forget to take them 10 times a day, or more (overdose much?). You can easily download and listen to the rest of their tunes by following their 'Soundcloud' page linked below. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Rave Clinic

Patrick Miskiewicz
Etobicoke - 647 501 3898

Conor Brown
Contact: /
Augusta Avenue (Kensington Market) - 416 389 7713

T.J Murdock
The Beaches - 416 875 7196

Matt Cummer
Missisauga (Lorne Park) - 416 459 1367

Today, I'd like to introduce you to these four talented individuals. Currently going by 'TheRaveClinic' on their Youtube channel, these guys are known for capturing every single treasured moment on film in respects to events they have attended or been hired to film. As of now, they are undecided as to what their official crew name will be, so they are sticking with The Rave Clinic until further notice. Although, I would like to make it clear that they film absolutely everything - not just electronic/rave music scenes - including interviews, hip-hop sets and the list goes on. Below, I've included a couple videos they have shot and edited of Toronto's very own Bassmentality at Wrongbar along with a link to their Youtube channel. All contact links have been provided underneath each of their picture if you wish to get a quota from them in respect to filming something for yourself!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


El Shifta presents her new mix 'SWAY'.

Artist: El Shifta
Playtime: 30 min 40 s
File Size: 42.14 MB 
File Type: MP3 
Download Link: Soundcloud

Track List:

1. katy perry & noisia - e.t.
2. sluggo & bro safari - reckless
3. noah d - seeerious
4. the heavy & joker - how you like me now
5. trolley snatcha - pass me by
6. emalkay - fabrication
7. joker & jessie ware - the vision
8. lee bass - bassline era
9. sub focus, takura w chase & status - flashing lights
10. jay cunning & one sinner w high rankin - bad girls
11. dev & dillon francis - fireball
12. jakes vs d.minds - gold chain 

13. starkey feat merky ace & kozzie - pc 

Interview with OPTIV (C4C)

A brief interview I had with Optiv from C4C who's been in the game since '97. His performance at Nocturne for Grindhouse Sessions this night was the kick-off to his North American tour, so I made sure to get the 4-1-1 on what Optiv is all about. Check out his record labels 'Red Light Records' and 'C4C' to hear some of the nastiest tech/neurofunk your ears can handle - if they can that is. By clicking the image above, you will be redirected to the Interview page where you can listen to a 19 min. audio of the interview and a written layout - like the one I did with Bares - will be posted at a later date.

Track list of background music:

1. Smoke Screen - Optiv [Shadybrain]
2. Generation Lost - Optiv [Shadybrain]
3. Brainworm - Optiv [Black Sun Empire]
4. Substance Abuse - Optiv & Mark C4C [Renegade Hardware]

Optiv Social Media Sites:​optiv

Monday, June 6, 2011


Looks like we got another submission today. This one is from a dubstep, drum n bass and drumstep duo named HYX & HOU5TON from Washington, DC. Affiliated with Black Sun Empire recordings, System recordings and Trillbass, HYX and HOU5TON first started collaborating in 2009 and eventually  evolved into a duo act. At first, they started out with the darker tech vibes of drum n bass and as of 2010 they have been experimenting with and producing more dubstep and drumstep. After a few releases here and there, they have now recently released their 4th studio mix titled 'Nerdstep' which features a well-composed remix of Chase & Status's 'Time'. Their latest drumstep and dubstep tracks - that can be found on the Beatport website - are titled 'Ohm - mega' and 'Sloth', so be sure to check those out! Currently, they have track support from Alvin Risk, Tittsworth, Trillbass, Designer Drugs, Black Sun Empire, Figure and Mayhem. Their up-coming 'PLS DNT STP' remix of Future ghetto is predicted to be nothing short of what is expected of them. To check out some of HYX & HOU5TONS social media sites, click the links below and browse around. I have provided download links to some of their recent productions as well. Enjoy and all feedback is greatly appreciated! 


I opened my mail today to find this amazing mix submitted by Eshin. Eshin is a dnb and dubstep DJ, producer and Record Label Co-Owner from New York City. Starting out in 2000, he's steadily made his way into the scene and his 'New Generation' mix - that was dropped today - is gaining respects and support from large names within the industry such as Rusko, Skream and Benga. He has and is collaborating with Direct Drive - a well known staple in the NYC dance scene for well over a decade - and since 2010 he has been partnered with Trigon launching their new record label 'Profound Audio'.

Eshin has performed alongside many artists: Goldie, Total Science, Marcus Intalex, Pendulum, Sub Focus, Chase & Status, Klute, London Elektricity, 16Bit, Borgore and many more. He also co-hosts a premiere drum n bass and dubstep radio show with Trigon in NYC called Outside The Cube. This radio station can be heard on Bassjunkees Radio, one of UK's bass-heavy radio stations. Click the image below to hear the heavy bass mania Eshin has presented in his 'New Generation' Mix, it's pretty f***in nasty and blunt if I do say so myself.


My interview with BARE is now UP! Above is a preview of what the interview looks like, if you wish to read the full 4 page interview with one of the hottest producers in the dubstep scene then click on the preview above which will direct you to the interview page. I had the opportunity of interviewing the big 'Bare' after his deadly set at Bassmentality on May 25th, 2011. If you for SOME odd, unexplainable and unacceptable reason have not familiarized yourself with his work yet, then click the link below to hear one of his most recent bangers ;) A big thanks goes out to The Super Maniak for the amazing photos!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Audio Excerpt: OPTIV @ NOCTURNE

Basically, if you missed Optiv's 2-hour extended set at Nocturne Nightclub on the 2nd of June then you fucked up - plain and simple. Here's a 10 min excerpt I recorded from his live set after I had the pleasure of interviewing him. The interview will be posted by June 6th, 2011, so keep a look out. In the meantime, enjoy some of the dark bass-lines Optiv used to shatter, explode and destroy all eardrums present.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Audio Porn on D&BTV LIVE: #150 / June 1st, 2011

Tune in from 2pm - 5pm to watch and hear the likes of Shimon, High Maintenance, Xilent and MC Youth Star on D&BTV today! 7pm - 10pm GMT time. BOH!