Monday, June 20, 2011

Crucify Me - ShockOne ft. Phetsta

'CRUCIFY ME' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta 

Release Date: 27th June 2011
Label: Viper Recordings
12" Vinyl and Download - CAT# VPR036

1. Crucify Me 'Part 1' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta
2. Crucify Me 'Part 2' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta
3. Crucify Me 'Part 1 Radio edit' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta
4. Crucify Me 'Part 1 Dj edit' - ShockOne ft. Phetsta

If you haven't already been informed, ShockOne will be releasing his new debut album on Viper Recordings this upcoming autumn of 2011. As a little teaser and taste of what is to be expected from this album, ShockOne has a new up-coming single from the album titled 'Crucify Me' ft. Phetsta. On this release, there is both a dubstep and drum n bass version, so again, it surely tickles and teases the highs and lows that you all need and want from a good tune. The single is set to be released on the 27th of June 2011, but as of last night you can buy it a whole week prior to its release date exclusively from Viper Records! If your forte is drum n bass, then Crucify Me Part 1 will definitely pull you into an undisturbed trance full of body-swinging synths and head-banging drums. Crucify Me part 2 - the dubstep version - will have you bouncing with energy for the duration of its playful intro and then heavily slamming your feet into the cement with rage instantly after the drop pummels you with bass. Below is the official trailer for the 'Crucify Me' single for those of you who are waiting oh-so-patiently (unless you choose to purchase it before everyone else from Viper Recordings..cough*do it*cough).

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