Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LIVE RECORDING - 6 way b2b with Low Down Deep Crew

BIGGGGGG! Live recording of a 6-way b2b earlier today with Logan D B2B Majistarte B2B Sly B2B Pacso B2B Guv B2B Sensai & Herbzie. Get on that download flex now before the maximum limit is reached! Huge, jump the f@%& up Low Down Deep crew!

Drop Sequence - The Sorrow In Your Eyes [Free DL]

Something a little more on the softer, more calm side of Drum and Bass. The vocals compliment the composition phenomenally. Check out The Sorrow In Your Eyes - Drop Sequence and grab it for FREE download via the soundcloud link. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Interview Updates

Okay, so it's been a little while since I posted my interviews up, so it's time I caught you guys up. I have been doing a lot of my interviews for Dubstep Toronto as well, so you will be redirected to our site www.dubsteptoronto.ca in order to read some of them! Enjoy,   there are still many more interviews coming in the near future (Majistrate, Matrix & Futurebound, Figure etc.). Oh - and one more thing - the image you see above is one out of the 6 designs I have set for Bassline-Therapy t-shirts. Inbox me at l_heidtke_4lyfe@hotmail.com if you wish to purchase one.

Electrosila - Circus (Ozma Remix) [FREE DL]

Drum and Bass MASSIVE! Nice little freebie from Ozma on his Soundcloud.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nasca Records: Mindscape Release


A. Mindscape - Ultrasonik
B. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell - Epidemic
Label: Nasca Records
Cat #: NASCA010
Format: 12" Vinyl & Download
Released: 22nd August 2011

Ultrasonik spreads positive vibes all around with its danceable beat and beautifully produced synths. This tune is definitely meant to cause an explosion on the dance floor, causing the crowd to rinse maximum vibes and forget all the worries in the world. Unlike Epidemic, Mindscape achieved a utopian vibe that touches the hearts of every Drum and Bass fan.

B. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell - Epidemic[Listen on Soundcloud]

Heavy, hard-hitting and absolutely ruthless. Love the raw sounds of neurofunk/technoid DnB. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell created a dark atmosphere in Epidemic that steer's clear from anything even remotely close to the softer sounds of Ultrasonik. Tie up your laces, slip on your black bandana and rinse in the midst of the night in a dark room loaded with unlimited bass.

DUB MOTION... get to know.

Okay, so if there's one up-n-coming Drum and Bass artist you need to know about it's definitely this guy. Dub Motion has only been producing for a little over a year now and is already spewing out bangers that instantly send chills down my spine and gives me goosebumps. He is located in London, UK, and deserves some serious exposure and recognition for his disgussssting productions. He has a new EP titled Origin forthcoming on Illusive Insight consisting of four tracks: Origin (click to listen), Hold Ya Head, Illuminati and Requiem. Each tune has their own unique elements that bring them together and present a variety of darkness. Personally, Origin is holding it down for me, but each song is nothing less than a big stompin' banger. Check his tunes out on Youtube, or follow him on Soundcloud (more wicked tunes)!

Delilah - Go (S.P.Y remix)

I couldn't refrain myself from posting about this tune. S.P.Y's remix of Delilah's 'Go' is satisfyingly dark, undoubtedly deep and successfully lifts my spirit into a "Music Lovers Heaven". I don't know about you, but this song is blasted at high volume in my residence or on my headphones at least 5 times a day. If you haven't already heard this tune, then be prepared to be blown away with powerful, heart-snatching vocals and highly contagious basslines. Now, we wait for its release on Atlantic Records - please come faster!!

Summer Slammers 2011 - VIPER Recordings


Label: Viper Recordings
Format: Digital Download LP
Released: 15th August 2011

Uh-oh, they done did it again! It wasn't that long ago that Worldwide001 was released and we celebrated with Matrix & Futurebound in Toronto, so what is this?! Viper recordings have already release another album consisting of over 40 summer slammers! Touching down with some Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Drumstep, this album is complete with every tune you needed in order to fulfil your summer music cravings. Dance floor smashers, head smashers, ear smashers - they've got it all covered.  The variety within the album is definitely an advantage and brings all lovers of bass-music together. 

01. Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Futurebound vs Metrik Remix)
02. ShockOne feat. Phetsta – Crucify Me (Pt.1 Extended DnB Mix) 
03. Camo & Krooked – Feel Your Pulse 
04. Matrix & Futurebound Feat. Cat Knight – Biology 
05. Nero – Do You Wanna
06. Smooth – Want It * 
07. Delta Heavy – Abort 
08. Metrik – T-1000 
09. Silent Code – Engaged * 
10. Prolix & Temper D - Doppelganger * 
11. Brookes Brothers – Crackdown (ShockOne Remix) 
12. ShockOne, Metrik & Phetsta – True Believer
(Phetsta’s Dubstep Rework) 
13. Xilent – Choose Me II (Dubstep Mix) 
14. Doctor P – Sweet Shop (Friction vs Camo & Krooked Remix) 
15. Elisa Do Brasil – Infatuation (feat. Miss Trouble) * 
16. Raw Theory – Headrush * 
17. Ant Miles & Moving Fusion – Illusions * 
18. Interface – Go 2 Bed * 
19. Furlonge – This Love (feat. Katie Alley)
20. Grafix – One Day * 
21. ShockOne – Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix) 
22. Futurebound vs Camo & Krooked – Chic 
23. Smooth – Feel So Free 
24. Metrik – More Than Words * 
25. Matrix & Futurebound – Universal Truth 
26. Technicolour & Komatic – The Deepest Blue * 
27. Agent Alvin – This Feeling * 
28. Axiom – Show Them Life * 
29. The Prototypes – Evolution (Feat. Darrison) 
30. Camo & Krooked – Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday 
31. Raw Theory – Solarise * 
32. DC Breaks – Babylon 
33. Telekinesis – Alienated * 
34. Futurebound vs Metrik – Sabotage 
35. Sigma – Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) 
36. Uman – Let Me Down 
37. DJ Samurai - Outsider 
38. AlterEgo–StepItUp* 
39. InsideInfo – Awkward (feat. Sw@t) 
40. S.I.N. – Snuck *

Konichi - Rush Hour [Free D/L]

Konichi is quickly making his way into the DnB scene with numerous jump up chunes that are absolute MADNESS. He recently turned 18 this past week and continues to impress his fans and other known artists with his consistency and untouchable productions. He is known for giving away a few tunes for free here and there and today I have another one for you titled 'Rush Hour'. More recently, he has also been presenting some serious bass-heavy productions such as 'Slugger' and 'Visionary' - two undeniable rollers that will have you bouncing those shoulders from left to right; right to left.