Sunday, December 19, 2010


Darko Andric and Igor Despotovic 
ARE YOU RIOT? RIOT 87 that is. Today I have something new and refreshing for you my-soul-therapy readers, I was recently contacted by Darko Andric of this Serbian Duo, and had the privilege of exchanging some information and music with him. Naturally, I wish to share it with you and give you some background information on the band, and not to mention a FREE download of their new Serbian Bassline EP at
Darko Andric and Igor Despotovic were both born in 1987 in South Europe. Coming from a city called Kragujevac in Serbia, this duo is widely recognized for heavily fusing the sounds of rock with dubstep, drum and bass and some electro. Darko Andric started producing in 2005, and shortly after Igor Despotovic joined the band in 2007 as a guitar player. Before, they were mainly known as psytrance producers, signed with On The Move Music; former Hollywood record Label, where they had a few releases. They had a few releases through other record labels  as well. Their current and predominant inspirations are Celldweller, The Prodigy and Pendulum, while they admire artists such as, Noisia, Hadouken, Blue Stahli, and Flux Pavilion. They decided in 2009 to be strictly oriented to dubstep and drum and bass, and now produce rock, drum and bass and dubstep. Below are two songs by Riot 87, one is a dubstep VIP remix and the second is a drum and bass VIP remix. Check it out!

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (RIOT 87 VIP Dubstep Remix) by riot87music
RIOT 87 - Are You Riot! (VIP Drum'n'Bass) by riot87music

Currently, all their music is being released on FiXT store, which is the official store of Detroit based record label; FiXT Music, owned by Celldweller. Set to be released in 2011, they are working on an album for FiXT, and had the pleasure of being invited to create an electronic instrumental album for FiXT TV/Movies that they plan to start in January 2011. Only having played in Kragujevac so far, they've had a few calls to have their band come play in the U.S., but Darko and Igor didn't want to travel so far only to play a couple parties here and there. In a more well thought out vision, they wanted to be more prepared by polishing their music, working on their live performances and expanding their fan base, forming a bit bigger of a tour. Of course that doesn't mean this is going to slow this high-rising duo down as they are already planning to be based in America as they tour across its county in 2011. For the next little bit, they are working on the promotion of their EP "Serbian Bassline", and it's valuably appreciated that you take the time to download it if you have not already! Also, don't forget to check out Riot 87's social network and media pages below. In the first week of the release of their site they had received over 23 000 hits, and it was only launched within the last two weeks.

"Greetings for all of our fans across the ocean, more than 70% of our site visitors are from US and Canada, we love the EDM scene there and we can't wait to come there and rock people with our live shows, stay RIOT! - Riot 87"


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