Monday, January 23, 2012

Intelligent Recordings Podcast #12

Intelligent Recordings Podcast Mixed by Physical Illusion

1. Sunny Crimea – Aquarelle (Fokuz dub)
2. Desidex & Giocator – Colors (Stepping Forward dub)
3. Command Strange & Dynamic - A Girl Like You (Antillectual Beats dub)
4. Flame & Scott Allen - Drifting Away (dub)
5. Command Strange – Everything (Rubik dub)
6. Command Strange - Mirage (Rubik dub)
7. mSdoS - A Glamourus life (Soul Deep Recordings dub)
8. Ephor - Space Trip (Intelligent Recordings dub)
9. Pro Luxe - Without You (dub)
10. Pro Luxe – Speed (Intelligent Recordings dub)
11. Tobax & Implex - The Worlds (Respect 12" dub)
12. Zap & Against - Give It To Me (Intelligent Recordings dub)
13. Sunny Crimea – Spring (Intelligent Recordings dub)
14. Fanu – Beauty (Midnight Sun Recordings dub)
15. Physics – All I need (Midnight Sun Recordings dub)

Released by: Intelligent Recordings 
Release/catalogue number: INTLGPDCST12
Release date: Jan 11, 2012 



  1. Crimea is a travel pearl of the Black Sea. It is perfect not only for a beach vacation but also for funny time in night clubs. There are such beautiful girls! Good music, good drinks, etc. this is a list of my favorite Crimea night clubs Maybe, you can add some more.

  2. Wow what a great set of mix cd's thanks for the download love my drum & bass