Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Genetic Bros - Everyday of my Life [VPR037]


2. APOLLO [6:24]
3. BUILD [5:13]

Release info:

Vipershop & Beatport exclusive on 11th July 2011 [Build] - VPR037
Full release 25th July 2011 - VPR037

When it comes to vocals, uplifting melodies and danceable bass-lines, Genetic Bros have got it down packed with this new release like always. Everyday of my life, Apollo and Build all bring something beautifully refreshing to the ears whether it be a soft - yet captivating - intro, or an anticipatory intro with heavy bass. Everyday of my Life will successfully bring your mood out of the gutter and into sunny blue skies while Apollo brings you into a bass-heavy state of mind, and last - but most certainly not least - Build is sure make you dance your a$$ off uncontrollably (I found myself bouncing left to right like a manic). Check out the songs on Genetic Bros Souncloud and their Facebook + check Viper Recordings for anymore info!

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