Monday, October 25, 2010

No one picked me up, they told me I would never get it

So I just took it, now I want my mutha f*ckin credit

... and Zeds Dead are definitely getting the credit they deserve. "Out for Blood" by Zeds Dead featuring Omar Linx has exploded over the charts since it was first posted. In this past 10 days this song has been played/viewed over 200, 000 times, and the numbers continue to climb daily. "Out for Blood" now also holds the top rating on the UK youtube channel, accomplishing the most discussed and favoured tune. There's a good chance you'll here this banger play at dubstep events taking place in Toronto. I've heard it for myself at every event I attended in the past week and a half. If these dominant toronto producers/mixers continue down the path they are travelling, there's nothing and no one that can stop or slow down what they are about to smack the music industry with.


Cartoon drawing of city skyline
Cartoon drawing of city skyline
Zeds Deads' Zack and Dylan rippin it at the Sport Lusitania Club in Toronto.
My sister called this one the 'Stinkfinger' the first time she saw it... Agree?

Photographer: Stephanie Ottevanger

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