Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dj Saigon

Sean Huynh a.k.a Dj Saigon was born in Toronto, Canada. He has been spinning drum n bass and jungle since 2000. His main influences are Congo Natty Crew, Dj Hype, Nicky Blackmarket, Andy C, Bob Marley and his parents. He's very well-known around the GTA area and has shared the stage with countless names in the industry since he started deejaying. The first major event he was featured in was Sound Clash II: The Saga Continues on June 2nd, 2001. Freedom @ Koolhaus 2006-2008, Stamina Sundays @ Republik 2006, Labour of Love @ Guvernment 2006-2010, Fly High Fridays @ CiRCA, Kenny Kenn and Dj SS at wrongbar 2010 are just a few out of the many events he was featured in. Dj Saigon is affiliated with Top Gun, Theory and Front Left.

"I plan to go where ever the wind takes me. Dnb is my passport as it has allowed me to travel the world and meet amazing people all over. So many great friends near and far!"
- Dj Saigon

Cartoon drawing of city skyline
Photo by: Paolo B

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Front and Back of Album


  1. to djsaigon
    hey Saigon,

    not sure if you still use this email

    i was looking for "rude vibes on a saturday night" and "drum diary" mix tapes
    i had them on my iphone for the longest time i love to listen to them while i work (construction)
    my business partner is a huge junglist and i was wondering if there is any where online i could get them
    or as i live in toronto if i could get them on a dvd or flash drive directly from you