Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I don't usually blog about this kind of stuff, but I was overly amused that a Student Dj named Laura was spinning some funky house, electro, a little fidget and some dubstep in the student centre at York University (Keele Campus) today. Normally, you wouldn't EVER hear dubstep being played anywhere around the school publicly, so I was ecstatic. It's unfortunate we don't hear much of this genre at my school, so whenever it is played in the near future I will be writing about it. I am also a part of the EMSAY: Electronic music society at york and we will be delivering dubstep, house, trance, dutch-house, dnb etc. to the student body at york with weekly podcasts featuring our own York Dj's and occasionally having local Dj's and the possibility of getting a bigger name from the industry in. I managed to get a short video of Laura spinning some dub in the schools' student centre and I'd like to share it with you :)

One observation I made while watching her spin is the reaction of the students at York to this genre of music. Half of them were just standing around looking clueless, a few were not paying attention at all, and surprisingly a lot of the people were bobbing their heads with the beat. I had a couple people personally STARE at me, which was somewhat uncomfortable, but I imagined it was because I was banging my head to this not-so-familiar sound they were hearing.

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  1. Lorii this is sick can't believed i miss this rare event at york keep me posted if this ever comes up again! : )