Sunday, November 7, 2010


Rinse out dem dreads, brought to you by Urban Bass Promotions took place November 6th, 2010 inside Suave Lounge in Brampton, Ontario. If you're from Brampton, you've probably heard the expression 'HEARTLAKE MASSIVE' once or twice throughout your lifetime; that is if you've been or are currently into Jungle and Drum n Bass. Trying to keep this "massive" alive, Brampton is continuously throwing small Dnb and jungle events here and there and this was one of their best yet. Featuring Torontos' Marcus Visionary, Sean Saigon, Red Lion, Cronica, Mc Bandit and Urban Bass Technics, the majority of the crowd was bumping with energy and rinsing out maximum vibe. Although this event was specifically jungle and Drum n Bass, Marcus Visionary made it that much better when he dropped Dubstep for about 10 minutes or so. Not only did this up the points for me personally, but judging by the crowds smashing bass faces' - they loved it just as much. Unfortunately there was a couple technical difficulties that kept re-occuring throughout the night such as the sound cutting in and out, if not cutting out completely and a couple songs restarted when they clearly weren't supposed to. Aside from that, it was a success!

Mc Bandit outside Suave Lounge
Photo by: Stephanie Ottevanger
Cartoon drawing of city skyline

Mc Bandit inside Suave Lounge on the mic
Photo by: my phone!
Cartoon drawing of city skyline

Dj Saigon on Deck inside Suave Lounge
Photo by: Me
Cartoon drawing of city skyline

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