Friday, January 14, 2011


Who is Killpixxie?
Going by the artist name 'Killpixxie', Rachella Maria B is a refreshingly friendly, musically obsessed, young, new artist . Killpixxie was born on October 27th, 1990 in a next-to-nothing city named Elora in Ontario, Canada. Originally, when she was growing up, she didn't have the luxury of living with bright city lights, high-rise buildings and lacked the conveniency of having everything close to her. In order to pass the time by in an enjoyable manner, she would occupy herself with the different sounds and styles from a variety of artists as an opportunity to expand her knowledge of music. In terms of musical inspirations, Killpixxie pinpointed Bjork, Lenny Kravitz, Gorillaz and Enigma to be of great importance to her overall influences. In terms of the EDM scene, she mentioned, Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin, Mark Henning, Sasha, Monoloc, Smallroom Record Boys, Moby, Fatboy slim and Isolee. Killpixxie's inspirations are limitless, she views many of her close friends within the industry such as; Beat Syndrome, Jeff Keenan, the liquid crew, Subfractal, Erphun, Sisko Electrofanatik, Aki Bergen, D Carbone and Ascion, Heartik and MITA to be sources of inspiration,  and forces of motivation. It wasn't until 2008 that Killpixxie started to take up deejaying on a serious note rather than a meaningless hobby, and about a year later she continued on to start producing her own music. Although her love for music is quite broad, she specifically spins and produces Minimal, Techno and Dark Techno. Not having played any gigs, events or shows yet, Rachella strongly believes in first building a fan-base, sustaining a solid production background and then head into the world of large performances. Although, you could potentially be seeing her very soon at the WMC 2011 Liquid Party, Aruba and a possible Liquid tour in the making.   

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When questioning Killpixxie about any future plans, or simply where she would like to go she replied, "Well i do this for fun and as a hobby, I just love music in general and I just want to have a voice in the essence of sounds and great basslines :) I love being able to talk with everyone about music and how they view music so I hope to just continue relationships with people in the industry, maybe travel a bit and hopefully reach a good audience with my production and the end of the day, its all about the music and it should be fun!!!". As you can see, Killpixxie's thirst for knowledge is endless, and is something she deeply treasures from her experiences thus far. Her dedication and hard work that included many sleepless nights, and weekends spent alone inside, has now lead her to produce her first EP named 'Rural Roads'. Rural roads will be released on beatport and all other major downloading sites as of March 8th, so keep a look out in the near future for updates and releases from this impressive pixxie. Above I've included all of Killpixxie's social sites including her own blog that she updates daily!

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