Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nero & Skrillex at The Phoenix 02.19.11


With little more than a month left to go, the event featuring Nero & Skrillex at  The Phoenix in downtown Toronto is now sold out. This event was expected to sell out no doubt, but the fact that it sold out this far in advance is phenomenal. Although, for the ones lucky enough, there will be 50 tickets being sold at the door, but for the raised price of $50. You snooze, you lose. I know for a fact there is an astronomical amount of die-hard fans that will be fighting to be the owner of one of those fifty tickets. The anticipation for this event continues to increase daily, so by the time it rolls around, there will be one helluva party going down inside the Phoenix. Good luck to those who weren't fortunate enough to grab a ticket yet, and I hope for your sake that you snag 1/50 tickets left!

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