Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview with NC-17 (Peter)

Good morning, so today I have for you my interview with Peter from NC-17 that took place outside of Nocturne nightclub after his killer set on May 20th, 2011. NC-17 is one of North America's promising drum n bass acts and continues to spread their unbeatable vibe worlwide via their musical compositions and charismatic personalities. For this interview, I included two of NC-17's most recent tunes title 'Dirty' and 'Insidious' and concluded the musical audio with an excerpt from NC-17s body-banging set that I took the liberty of recording at Nocturne nightclub on the night of the interview. All photos that are seen within this video were taken by the one and only Mista Mensa, so thanks once again to you sir! Click the link above to hear my 18min interview with Peter from NC-17!

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