Sunday, May 22, 2011

XILENT: 'Choose Me' EP

Make way for the young and talented. XILENT's new debut EP titled 'Choose Me' is set to be released June 6th, 2011 (vinyl) and May 30th, 2011 (digital release) after he recently signed with AudioPorn Records. This EP will be released as a 2-part vinyl and a 4-track digital release EP. 'Choose Me' covers a variety of genres from drum n bass to dubstep and even ventures into electro house, so all your personal music preferences are undoubtedly quenched. Although, I would like to specifically pinpoint the only dubstep track on the EP titled 'Choose Me II' as it has been receiving an astronomical amount of positive feedback since its preview was posted a couple weeks prior. It was first posted on Xilents soundcloud where it instantly gained 15, 000 + plays in just under a week and after the 'Choose Me II' debut on UKFdubstep's channel on youtube, it has gained an impressionable 650, 000+ views to-date and continues to rise daily. This tune, and the whole EP itself, is quickly stunning the charts and I can guarantee this is only the beginning of Xilent's rise to the infinite top, and it will not cease to stop at anything.  Below you will find a link to the Youtube video and Xilent's soundcloud as well as all the additional information regarding the 'Choose Me' EP that you will need to know.

Vinyl Release: 06.June.11
Vinyl Part 1: A. Choose Me II / AA. Choose Me I
Vinyl part 2: A. Spectre / AA. Multishapes

Digital Release (EP): 30.May.11
1. Choose Me II [dubstep]
2. Spectre [drum n bass]
3. Multishapes [drum n bass]
4. Choose Me I [electro house]

Now, I want to make it very clear that Choose Me II is not the only track currently gaining massive respect in the industry. Aside from 'Choose Me' (dubstep remix) being chosen as the 'Next Hype' on Zane Lowes Show,  his drum n bass tracks have been gaining recognition globally. Both 'Spectre' and 'Multishapes' have been, and are continually being featured and played on the Crissy Criss 1Xtra show and DJ Hype's Kiss FM show. I don't know about you, but I know that I can't sit still when injecting the hard-hitting drums of these two tracks into my body. His 'Choose Me' (electro-house remix) is also a personal favourite of mine as it instantly casts a feeling of euphoria and causes a plethora of emotional, physiological and psycho-physiogical responses, but of course all of the tracks have successfully done this. Whatever your taste in music may be, Xilent is sure to elicit your undivided attention and please what your ears have been feigning for. Now go ahead and treat yourself to the previews of 'Choose Me', 'Spectre' and 'Multishapes'. I promise that your mind, body and soul will not be disappointed as you find yourself at feeling at home with his smashing, memorable, and well-structured compositions.

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